Tips To Make a Successful Business by Yourself

Many people often interpret and think that a business is successful, it must rely on and always rely on external support. For now, this theory has been disproved belief in this. Very reasonable. Because building new businesses for growth and success does not require positive external forces, but only anymore. But can be created by the operator itself. Here are 9 tips for creating success yourself.


  1. Focus on cash flow. Profit is secondary.

Businesspeople are often taught to think of profits first. Actually, try to change your attitude and focus on cash flow within the company instead. Do not forget that cash is required to pay bills. If there is money in circulation throughout the company and pay the debt on time. Try to have a short bill off the balance when it is profitable return itself.


  1. Estimated demand and low production capacity.

Entrepreneurs must constantly evaluate the needs of the target market. Then determine the proportion of the company’s demand. For example, if the company produces about 1 million cosmetics per year, its minimum market share is 10%. That means 100,000 people. Then we think of the minimum capacity of the company that can be done at least a few per day and then subtracted to find the strength. The products that can respond or not.

  1. Test plan

Good product requires thorough testing. Entrepreneurs should design a test plan for their own products, starting with personal qualification and distribution guidelines, in order to find the best way to market and distribute products. They may choose from the strengths of the test as a master plan for development.


  1. The product is proven and accepted.

It is important that the product is released to the consumer. Must be proven empirically by expert testing. In addition, the recognition of key research institutions also adds value to the products and services of entrepreneurs.


  1. Start a business.

Service businesses have the advantage that they can listen to the opinions of consumers at all times. This is a huge advantage of the information. The manufacturer can use the information to develop a product that meets the needs of users such as companies that produce some shampoo that comes from being a service shop for trimming and I’ve been with them before.


  1. Focus on non-formal use benefits.

Consumers will only buy products when they can respond to their needs, not just their looks. Therefore, the development of product properties to meet the needs of the target market. It is the most important thing to make the business of the entrepreneur can earn a substantial return to the business of the company in no time.


  1. Provide enough staff

Often, the results that come from doing business are quite disappointing. This is because of the inadequate number of employees plus no direct knowledge of the job. Therefore, the entrepreneur must provide knowledgeable employees. And there is enough staff to support the work that is ready to grow in the future.


  1. Use Direct Selling as a Forerunner

Direct selling is the most ancient trading method in the world. You should try this method first. This will allow the operator to truly feel the problem of the products received from direct consumer feedback. And it’s a step in the middleman’s favor to get out. It makes the business more profitable. In addition, the trading on the computer screen is called E-Commerce, it is a new way of selling interesting new non-current.


  1. Market positioning

If an entrepreneur can rank their own product placement, it will be very beneficial to do business. The consumer behavior is that most consumers choose to buy products that are appropriate for their status, such as customers who have different income, they will buy products with different prices, so the product placement is what the entrepreneur should be. It will help the product to sell easily and in a faster time.


The business of the entrepreneur will have a great patronage of it. Finally, the entrepreneur’s business will be successful, they must stand on their own to gain first. In the real world, there is no one else to support other businesses. Therefore, the entrepreneur must build a solid foundation for the business itself.