5 Simple Budget Tips to Allow You to Buy Anything You Want

Do you ever find yourself counting down days to your next pay check? Are you struggling to save enough money for your holidays? Is your budget leaking sometimes and you have no idea where your money goes to?

Don’t panic. It is a common situation and we have all been through that, at some point. It is also something that can be easily fixed. Just bear with us.

Your budget equals your financial security, your dreams and you peace of mind. This is precisely why weekly budgeting is worth mastering to a T. It’s the unwritten law – once you learn how to save, your money somehow multiplies in your wallet!

And here are 5 simple budget tips to allow you to buy anything you want. That’s right. ANYTHING.

1. Get a savings jar.

You need to take care of yourself first. Be your own boss and start paying yourself before you pay anybody else. Start with as little as $1 coins. The rule is simple: first week, put 1$ in the jar, second week, put $2 and so on. Do it for a year. Results? After 52 weeks you would have saved $1,378 with almost no effort at all!

2. Buying in Bulk with friends

Do you buy groceries more than once a week? WRONG. Not only, are you likely to buy more than you need when you visit the store more often, but it also takes up huge amount of your time. HUGE. You could use it for making money instead of spending it, right? Solution? Start ordering your groceries in bulk. Your friends or family will definitely join the initiative. After all, everyone likes to have a few extra dollars in a pocket, right?

3. Get a Budget App

If you ever tried to budget regularly, you know that it can be quite frustrating. Many times, your numbers don’t match, money is leaking somewhere and you forget to write down some of your expenses. In one word: chaos. However, it can all change if you start using one, simple tool: A Budget App. There are plenty of those on the market, and each of them is designed to help you keep your personal finance organised. This is a game changer!

4. Apply 10% Rule

This is the rule described in one of the best books on personal finance of all times – ’’The Richest Man in Babylon”. It is as simple as it sounds: you simply decide to pay 10% of your income to your savings account. Regularly. Each week. How? Automate your bank account and schedule a weekly payment. Boom! No pain, lots of gain!

5. Prepare Weekly Meal Plan

Groceries are, most likely, one of the biggest expenses in your weekly budget. Shopping without a plan or a list is also one of the worst enemies of your wallet! Easy fix? Start preparing your meal plans in advance and you will never be tempted to buy items off the list! Result? More money in your pocket!

Follow these 5 simple budget tips and trust us, there will be nothing you can’t afford in the future!